Imperfectionsss Will Develop

Playing cards. Fascinating how they developed through the ages. Used as more than a way for humans to play games: blank cards were used as coupons, love notes, invitations and currency. Another piece I did was based on the game of solitaire. (‘The Solitude of Solitaire’) and how we can just be captivated by the singular game……

In 18th century Netherlands, mothers would leave a message on the back of a card to identify an abandoned child. If card was torn in half, it meant that the mother would someday return with her half of the card to claim the child. If card was whole, it meant that the child was fully abandoned and the mother would not return.

Some people believe that the images on cards are the work of secret societies. Since the true origins are still unknown, many think that all of the suits, values and symbols could have hidden meanings.

So, this piece is about the ‘draw’ of cards….how it captivates us, and how we are captured by the games we play. And how our nature may be effected by our love of the games we play. ‘Imperfectionsss Will Develop’ if we don’t pay attention!

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